What EXNESS account should you open? Exness review 2020

- Ngày đăng: 25/02/1900

EXNESS is an online broker with which you can invest in more than 120 financial instruments, especially in the Forex currency market (where you can negotiate more than 650 currency pairs). You can take advantage of the immediate execution in the Forex Mini and Forex Classics accounts or the direct access to the largest liquidity providers that this broker offers and thus achieving the lowest spreads at any time in the Forex ECN account.

EXNESS started its activity in 2008; and, today, it is a broker that enjoys an excellent reputation which they have earned thanks to the professionalism and transparency with which they have their services.

Right now, the monthly volume of operations of EXNESS goes beyond the 300 billion dollars, and its rate of growth increases like foam. It surpasses the amazing number of 17,000 new client accounts on a monthly basis around the world.

But, now that you know a bit more about this broker, it is totally normal that the following question arises: what is the ideal account to open?

exness account types

Well, this broker offers four different types of account that adapt to the needs of its clients.

According to the convenience of the client concerning the available plans it is possible to select one of them, and then we will explore the options.

  • Exness Cent account.

In the case of opening a cent account, there isn’t minimum deposit required so that the customer can open the account from a negligible amount of money. It also offers leverage ranging from 1 to pretty much “infinity” and the spread rate is 0, 3.

  • Demo account

EXNESS also offers you a free demo account to test the trading platforms and the trading conditions it provides without risking your money.

This broker offers its customers an extra option, designed especially for new investors.

Said option is to open a test account, allowing the user to choose between a Mini, Classic, or ECN account, during a finite time, for the client to decide whether or not they continue with the services offered by the broker.

  • Forex Mini

This account is designed for beginners in the Forex market. There is no minimum deposit amount, and the execution of orders is immediate:

    • Maximum leverage: 1:2000

    • Spreads: From 0.3

    • Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot

    • Maximum number of positions: 50 positions

  • Forex Classic:

This account is designed for experienced traders. It offers a greater range of financial instruments and better conditions than the Mini account. The minimum deposit is $2000, and the execution of orders is immediate:

Maximum leverage: 1:2000

Spreads: From 0.3

Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot

Maximum number of positions: No limit

  • Forex ECN

It has ECN execution (Electronic Communication Network) with the best spreads available at all times. This one in particular is ideal for expert traders, for automatic trading and scalping. The minimum deposit is $300.

  • Maximum leverage: 1:200

  • Spreads: From 0.0 - Commission for $1 million of operations = $25

  • Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot

  • Maximum number of positions: No limit

The execution ECN (Electronic Communication Network) is based on a network where liquidity providers (large banks and financial institutions) and individual investors are interconnected and carry out commercial transactions.

With a large number of liquidity providers competing with each other, lower spreads can be achieved, especially for the most popular currency pairs. In addition, the broker only acts as an intermediary in exchange for a small commission, so there are no interest conflicts between the client and the broker, and any trading strategy is welcome.

EXNESS offers various trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, a Webtrader and mobile versions. It also stands out for providing a high maximum leverage of up to 1: 2000. By opening an EXNESS account, you can select the trading platform that best suits your needs:

  • MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the most used trading platform on the world.

With this platform, you can work with the two execution modes offered by EXNESS: instant and market execution.

Besides, MetaTrader 4 provides all the necessary tools for technical analysis such as powerful graphics, scheduled calendars, analysis tools and more than 50 of the leading indicators.

It is a quite complete platform, easy to program and customizable to the trading strategy of each investor. With MetaTrader 4 you can also create, edit or optimize your automatic trading systems (programs called Expert Advisors with which you can open and close positions automatically based on a series of previously defined conditions).

  • MetaTrader 5 (Currently Only Demo Accounts)

MetaTrader 5 is the new generation of the popular trading platform developed by the company MetaQuotes Software Corp. It offers a more user-friendly interface and new functionalities that make

MetaTrader 5 a very comfortable and powerful platform. The creator of Expert Advisors has also been improved, but you have to bear in mind that the MQL5 programming language on which MetaTrader 5 is based is not compatible with MetaTrader 4 MQL4, which is why many traders still use the MetaTrader 4 platform to a greater extent.

  • Webtrader

The EXNESS Webtrader is an online trading platform for investing through a web browser, without having to download or install anything on your computer.

This web platform is ideal for those traders who connect from different places with different computers since in this way they only need an Internet connection and a web browser with the Flash (Adobe Flash Player) plugin.

The EXNESS Webtrader is very easy to use and at the same time has a wide range of functionalities and tools to perform technical analysis.

  • Mobile platforms

More and more traders are using their mobile phones or tablets to invest online or to control the open operations and the evolution of the markets.

With EXNESS, you can access versions of its trading platforms (such as MT4 Mobile) specially adapted for mobile phones with Android, iOS (iPhone / iPad) or BlackBerry operating systems.


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